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A colleague of mine suggested that I check out a new service to reverse cell numbers and mobile phones. I signed up for their service and checked some known cell phone numbers over the weekend with a cell phone number tool. The results were very impressive, a perfect six-for-six! I wonder where they get their reverse phone telephone database information from?

It is hard to believe those results came from any of the free reverse cell phone lookup search powered services, that’s for sure! Give’em a try, they appear to be the best solution for wireless phone searches at the moment.

If you like to do a phone number search as much as I do, you will be happy to know that such an excellent reverse phone lookup service exists.

I did some more research and data brokers and private investigators report that mobile phone traces are the most requested national internet search they offer by a 3-1 margin! They also report that the reasons that a cell phones search is the most popular is:

1. Find out who their spouse is cheating with.

2. Find out who their boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating with.

3. Determine who calls their daughter late at night.

4. Locate hard to find people – debtors, deadbeat dad’s, etc.

5. Get the name and address of someone who is harassing them.

6. Corporate espionage investigations (ala HP)

Cell number portability, seamless cellular service in nearly all areas of the US, and plunging service provider plans have skyrocketed the number of cell phone users in the U.S. That means more traces every year to reverse cell numbers.

The typical way most cell numbers are traced is to just have a private investigator call in and spoof (pretext) the cell carrier. They will use various ruses to persuade the operator to give up the name and address of the number’s owner.

The exact ruses used are well-kept secrets by the private investigators who specialize in these techniques, and as you have probably read lately, this technique is coming under increasing legal scrutiny. The latest trend in cell phone numbers searching is to run online database searches to locate the info needed. Data brokers report that 87% of cell numbers can be successfully reversed by using up to date database searches. That’s a pretty decent accuracy rate, particularly when you completely avoid the potential legal hassles of having a P.I. use the pretext technique.

An update on this post: I recently had beers with a retired old-school PI who shared his insight into how rapidly the data broker business filled the appetite of the public for information. He said that from 1999-2003, his telephone trace & people search lookup order fell by more than 20%. From 2003-2006 (when he left the info business), it fell an additional 25%. By the time he quit, he said that every fly-by-night sleeze with a website was pimping phone searches for about a third of what he would charge. So his loss sounds like everyone else’s gain!

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